The Apple Tree Preschool Community,

We want to take a moment to speak candidly with you about the tragedy that is enveloping our country right now, and affecting all of our communities. To our Black community at The Apple Tree Preschool, we recognize your pain and feelings of fatigue over the injustices you face every day. We want you to feel empowered and supported because the color of your skin should not impact how you are treated in Canada.

The recent acts of injustice against Black Americans— George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and here in Canada; Rodney Levi, D’Andre Campbell, Ejaz Ahmed Choudry among countless others — have created an inflection point around the world. This is a call to action for each and every one of us to do better, to speak up, and to be part of the solution. It is now up to us at The Apple Tree Preschool to become true allies and lead a company where our team feels empowered and supported to do the same.

To start, we need more discourse and solidarity. We will be holding regular discussion groups to kick off these dialogues with the goal of seeking better understanding and promoting more conversation on these topics. Then we will discuss how we can best use The Apple Tree Preschool platform to cultivate more inclusive experiences for our children, parents, and staff members.

Systemic racism is deeply rooted in our society, and it’s important that The Apple Tree Preschool supports our community in allowing these voices to be heard.

We must each be part of the solution here at The Apple Tree Preschool.

Thank you for your continued support and for being there for each other.


Marcy Cowan