The Apple Tree Preschool, in keeping with our mission and vision, believes in the development of healthy, confident children. We’re committed to treating children with respect and dignity and helping them grow and develop to their full potential in a safe, nurturing and learning environment.

 At the core of our values at The Apple Tree Preschool is diversity and social inclusion. We believe that all children and families should have an inclusive and respectful experience in our program. The Apple Tree Preschool programs are designed to develop children in spirit, mind and body. Every child is a unique individual and adds value to our program. Parents and families are involved, consulted and informed partners with The Apple Tree Preschool staff. The Apple Tree Preschool staff strive to ensure the environment and programs are adapted to meet the needs of all children

Children with Special Concerns and Needs

Through our relationship with the Durham Region we are able to offer inclusive programs that support children’s physical, social-emotional, and cognitive development. The Apple Tree Preschool in collaboration with the parent and Special Needs Resources will create Individual Service Plans (ISP) that reflect the special or individualized needs of children.

We have access to five agencies to provide a holistic and complementary set of Special Needs Resourcing (SNR) services. The SNR agencies work with our educators to build capacity within the system to support equity and inclusion of all children. Families are also engaged in the development of the ISP to ensure positive and enriched learning experiences. All children at The Apple Tree Preschool have the right to access special needs resourcing services, at no cost to families.

If you are a parent looking for in-home support for a child that does not attend a licensed child care program, please contact the organization directly for more information on available services.

Children with Special Concerns and Needs – Region of Durham

Special Needs Resourcing Agency Partners