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Victory Design is pleased to submit this proposal to The Apple Tree Preschool and Learning Centre initially, for the redesign of “theappletreepreschool.com” website and for other projects as the need requires. We welcome the opportunity to work with The Apple Tree Preschool and Learning Centre on this exciting project.

If you have any questions or need anything clarified, please use the form below

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It is our understanding that The Apple Tree Preschool and Learning Centre seeks to update the design and online presence of its “theappletreepreschool.com” website and to re-brand the company so as to create a consistent look, theme and feel across all mediums currently being utilized such as, signage applications and print materials. It is also our understanding that an Event Calendar element is to be included in the website to facilitate the addition of school events online.
Victory Design is highly qualified to assist and guide The Apple Tree Preschool and Learning Centre through this website overhaul. We have past experience working with the Toronto Montessori School in Toronto, the Heritage Christian School and the Boys and Girls Club in Lindsay. We pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships with our clients. and have consistently provided innovative solutions for more than 40 years. We deliver high-quality work through multi media communications, responsive customer service, accurate project management, product quality, and an ethical approach to business. We have a well documented track record of performing our work on budget and on time.
Les Maund is the designated point-of-contact for all communications regarding this proposal and can be reached at 705.357.2499 or via e-mail to lesmaund@victorydesign.ca

We respectfully submit the following proposal, which includes information about our capabilities, methodology, example projects, client testimonials and other pertinent information for consideration.

We approach each project as a true collaboration of ideas and goals. We believe the collaboration process begins the moment we connect with our clients. Our goal is to provide strategies and solutions that go beyond the expected. To make sure we deliver, we listen to our customer’s needs and expectations and offer our expertise and guidance whenever needed to ensure that the entire process is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Analysis and Planning

To gather as much information as possible about how you believe the new site should look and function. To determine those elements that may be required outside of the website such as signage and print applications.

The information we gather here will also be used later to influence the choices made in developing the graphic design of the website, content choices, functional recommendations, and technology choices.

Graphic and User Interface Design

Development of the graphic interface that will represent The Apple Tree Preschool and Learning Centre on the web and the tools through which the end user will navigate and interact with the site. We will be proposing to use a WordPress platform to build your new website on. With Word Press, you have unlimited options surrounding your Calendar/Events pages or eCommece solutions should they be needed in the future. You will not be limited to the confines of a predetermined format which are typically found with many Word Press templates. We use Word Press simply as a base on which to build your website.

Content Creation

It is important to begin preparing any new content, or updating existing content as early as possible in this process. Any graphic and/or photo elements must be identified for use on the new site. Typically a Google Drive account is established so multiple contributors have a common place to upload these resources. We will also provide whatever stock photos we need. Mark Ridout can be contacted to provide current photos of the members or of the faculty as required. You can contact Mark at 705.341.6882 for his rates and schedules etc.

Implementation and Proofing

In order to facilitate the development and deployment of The Apple Tree Preschool and Learning Centre website, we will setup a development site and utilize our own hosting servers. Your temporary access will be “appletree.hostopolis.ca”. Through this process you will be able to review the current status of the redesign and submit any concerns you may have. We would strongly suggest that a representative be appointed by the The Apple Tree Preschool and Learning Centre to serve as our contact to reduce conflicting directions. We have also assumed that some customization of the base technologies may be required that were selected in the design phase. This includes some amount of custom programming which has been included in our fees. If this customization becomes more than we anticipated we will submit an alternate solution for your consideration rather than propose a price increase.

Content Management Training

We will work with you to ensure that the various members of your organization fully understand how to use the content management system (CMS) and are comfortable utilizing the system to its fullest capacity. We find that the average person can gain a solid understanding of how to use the WordPress publishing platform to perform content entry tasks in a couple training sessions. There is no programming required to add, remove or revise content on the website.  I addition “roles” can be alloted to those who have access to the CMS so as to not jeopardize certain areas of the site. For example and Administrator has access to everything, a Contributor, Author, Subscriber or Editor will have access to only those areas of the site that they need to connect with.

Your Team

Victory Design is composed of a group of formally trained creative professionals without which, we would be challenged to do what we do. You are not just buying a website you are investing in an experienced, knowledgeable, and affordable team of professionals who will set you apart from everyone else and capitalize on what makes you “YOU”. Each of these people have have different interests, experiences and backgrounds spanning many years in the advertising and design industry.

Les Maund – your contact and Creative Director

Mark Ridout – our first choice for professional photography

Debra Maund – professional commercial illustrator and creative advisor

Judy Hazen – our copywriter

Website Deployment

Victory Design works with our clients to ensure a smooth launch. We will perform a trial run of this process and ensure that all the steps required work as anticipated. We understand that you already own the domain name “The Apple Tree Preschool .com”

We will assume that you have access to the domain to permit us to modify the servers DNS addresses to point to the new site hosted at Hostopolis.ca We always suggest that our clients own their own domains.

If you need to acquire ownership of any domain that you currently don’t own, it may take several days to weeks to complete this process and a few more days to propagate the new DNS address across the internet. We would suggest that you begin this process while the new site is under construction. We will monitor this process when the time comes to launch the new site.

Post Launch Support and Maintenance

We currently work with many of our clients to provide ongoing support for their websites and we will provide this same high level of support for you. We will provide free ongoing support for the first 30 days following a successful approved launch and will include functional changes, structural/layout changes, design changes or content changes to the website.

Estimated Project Fees

Victory Design proposes a project fee of $4500 for the new website, logo, and modifications to existing signage and bus applications as may be proposed. A $1000 deposit is required prior to commencing with any work.

We propose a project fee of $750 for the launch of the expanded Whitby location and will include website applications, signage and Eblasts. A direct mail piece or other promotional materials may be proposed as we near the launch date and will be discussed at that time.

Hosting Fees

In addition to the project fees there is a hosting fee of $12.50 per month or, if you wish, a fee of $125 annually paid in advance.

Support Fees

The monthly support fee is $100 and is based on your needs and level of participation as they may be required by you or designated faculty. These fees include site maintenance, backups, SEO optimization, adding events and pages and meetings at your location as required. If you want access to the CMS (content management system) to make changes and additions, the fee can be reduced accordingly.

Note: Estimates and budgets are based on a projection of minimum time and costs involved to provide certain materials or services and may be based on client provided information. Because of these variables and any other unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the agency or the client it is agreed that this estimate is a non-binding, preliminary projection of anticipated costs and as such does not constitute a final binding price. Prices quoted herein do not include printing and/or fabrication costs.